Chris Long

Natalie's at The Camden Harbour Inn
Chef Finalist competing for Maine Lobster Chef of the Year


View Challenge Recipe: Butter poached Maine lobster, grilled lobster mushrooms, corn and artichoke ragout, tarragon butter.


After finishing the New England Culinary Institute in 2002 and the Greenbriar Culinary Apprentice Program in 2004, Chef Long started his career as a kitchen leader at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago IL between 2005 and 2007.

Long was the Executive Chef at 1515 Restaurant in Denver, CO between 2007 and 2008 and other Executive Positions included the Black Cat in Boulder, CO (2008-2009) and EOS in San Francisco, CA (2010-2012). Before Chef Long joined Natalie’s at Camden Harbour Inn as Line Chef/Leader he played an important role in opening up Spread Restaurant in Portland, Maine. The owner of Spread restaurant granted him full control, including menu development and the design of the kitchen.


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Maine Lobster Chef of the Year Competition
This popular lunchtime affair gratifies even the most discerning of lobster aficionados! Maine chefs prepare succulent dishes as they compete for the title of Maine Lobster Chef of the Year. Presented by the Maine Lobster Industry, this annual event is a favorite and will surely satisfy any guest’s crustacean cravings! As a complement to competitors’ delectable lobster dishes, beer, wine, and spirits are expertly paired and presented with each serving.

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